What's It All About, Really?

What’s It All About, Really?

I get really caught up in the stuff that isn’t the most important. I get caught up  in things that have already happened or things I’m worried will happen, but lately I’ve tried to be a bit more present.

Like looking out the window while I sip my tea, rather than sculling it while watching something. Playing with my baby cousins without worrying about the assignment that’s due tomorrow, because I can’t work on it in that moment anyway. Waking up and getting out of my room to say good morning instead of burying myself in a doona. Listening to music, rather than just having stuff on in the background. Taking sunset drives with a friend and not thinking of the past or the future.


It’s basic, but it makes a difference. Maybe life’s all about the little things, not the irrelevant stressful stuff. I’m grateful for my family, my friends, independence and opportunities. School can’t ruin that, no matter how much it sucks.

That being said, it’s mostly music that makes me function like a normal human being.  Here’s seven tunes that make me feel grateful to be a teenager, for each of the seven months of 2018 we’ve survived so far.

  1. Power – Bastille Bastille’s music has made my heart go <3333 since 2013, and nothing has changed.
  2. I’m With You – Vance Joy This song is perfect for being lame with a friend and bopping along in class, and you can’t convince me otherwise.
  3. Sunset Lover – Petit Biscuit Ahhhh! Such a roadtrip song. Driving to this tune at night will never not be therapeutic to me.
  4. Streetlights – Boxing at the Zoo Chill. Pretty. Fun. What more could you want in a pick-me-up song?
  5. Floors – Abhi the Nomad SO FUN! Perfect for getting psyched up to do anything boring and/or frustrating.
  6. Static Space Lover – Foster the People It’s physically impossible to be cranky and listen to this BOP, so 10/10 would recommend for the walk to school.
  7. Hunger – Florence + The Machine Imagine being able to express so much in a single lyric. Mind blowing. What a champ.

Don’t let one big, horrible thing ruin all the little, good things (because they do add up, and there is more of them). Love love love.

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