How to Rest Properly

How to Rest Properly

Not enough time in the day? Constantly feeling bored, stressed, overwhelmed, exhausted and/or tired? Same. Here’s a friendly reminder to breathe. In… out.

Mum’s been on my case for YONKS about “actually resting” which didn’t make a whole lot of sense, because “oh my GOSH mum I don’t have time to relax!!!”

But I did, and so do you.

The problem is, I wasted all my time fake relaxing instead of actually relaxing. There’s time in the day where we need to be doing things. Things like chores, schoolwork and exercising. There’s other time for resting, like bedtime or when all the aforementioned things and stuff are done.

But when you do your relaxing in your things time, it doesn’t feel relaxing at all. It feels gross, because you’re procrastinating and the idea of doing all your tasks is looming in the background, which is lowkey highkey the worst.

So that’s tip number 1 on how to rest properly – rest in your rest time, not your thing time. The thing time can be whenever (morning or afternoon) but it’s best (at least for me) to pick and then stick to it. :)))

Tip number 2? Do rest activities that feel like rest activities. For me, scrolling through my Instagram explore page being assaulted by slime, Lele Pons and DIY hair tutorials (y’know the ones where the before and after look the same?) doesn’t make me feel relaxed. It feels like trash and it’s a waste of time. Find some stuff that actually gives you a bit more headspace, like journaling, music or The Office. Whatever floats your boat.

Don’t fill your relax time up with crap and then feel worse. The bottom line is you deserve time to feel chilled out and rested, regardless of what else is going on in your world. I wish y’all the very best <333

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