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It was so so weird going back to school as a senior. As much as a lot of my classmates (myself included) whinged about Year 10, we did like the little routines we had. We weren’t necessarily the closest class, but we did all like each other and know each other pretty well. We were so used to our classes, even the ones we all hated. We knew all of our teachers’s methods and quirks, like our English teacher saying “It’s about that time ladies and gentlemen” two minutes before the bell every single lesson. This all made it so weird to come back to school, with our new uniforms, teachers, classrooms and subjects. A bunch of kids left to get jobs and apprenticeships and friends that I used to have in all 8 of my classes are now in 2 of them.

As much as it’s all very strange and foreign, there are plenty of things I’m enjoying a lot more. The senior bathrooms for example. So clean, which is a welcome change (gag worthy, I know). It’s also fantastic to do the subjects I picked out. No more science, history or geography. Society and culture through distance education is an adventure I’m embarking on and its running fairly smoothly as of yet, which is a relief. My music class has also been a very constant thing. We’re a small group of kids and its cheesy and gross to say we’re “like a family” or whatever, but I’m not exaggerating in the slightest when I say that every bad day for the last 2 and a bit years has been made 10x better by a music lesson. This hasn’t changed at all, and I’m counting on it to get me through my HSC to be honest! Extension English is knew and we’re analysing poetry currently which is so fun. I love that the way sentences are constructed and put together can alter their meaning completely. Ahhh I just love English and always have!

The expectations are definitely higher, but its nice to have so much structure. I was worried about the amount of work coming into it, but what needs to get done is very clearly set out. Its nerdy of me to say, but rewriting and revising notes doesn’t really feel like work in a sense, because its just a chance to shut off my brain and do what I know needs to get done. I’ve colour-coded my subjects for the first time and it actually makes so much of a difference, which is crazy! Do I feel like doing my reading for PDHPE? Not really. Do I feel like doing my reading for PDHPE and highlighting the key terms in aqua? Heck to the yeah!

My first assignment is a performance due in week 6. I’m thinking abut doing “Cringe – Stripped” by Matt Maeson which is a lovely song that you should definitely check out. I couldn’t get a backing track for it so it looks like I’ll be playing the piano as well as singing, which is a bit outside my comfort zone but fun to try. I’m also doing a performance on International Women’s Day in the town hall, which is daunting. I’ve learnt that sometimes you just have to commit to these things and work it out from there, but I do know I’m going to sing Rainbow by Kesha. It’s a big song but its so fitting for the theme of the event and I love it.

I’m definitely trying to mix up the hard work with a lot of downtime, so I’ve been reading a whole bunch, both in the holidays and this term so far.

  1. Turtles All the Way Down – John Green
  2. Pieces of Sky –¬†Trinity Doyle
  3. Counting by 7s – Holly Goldberg Sloan
  4. Sandy Feet – Nikki Buick
  5. Wreck – Fleur Ferris
  6. They Both Die At the End РAdam Silvera
  7. Beautiful Mess – Claire Christian

I also spend a lot of time finding new music on Spotify, because I listen to music doing literally everything. Brushing my teeth? Music. Studying? Music. Walking? Music. Making a sandwich? You guessed it – I’m listening to music. We bought all 9 seasons of The Office and have been powering through those which has been hilarious. Despite all this, I have been weirdly flu-y even though its summer which I can only put down to stress. Hopefully my brain catches up and manages to process everything new that’s happening over the next few weeks.

This has been a very long, unedited, rambly post but its nice to just write what’s on your mind sometimes. I hope everyone’s doing fantastic and that the school year kicked off well!

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