How to Stay Productive in the Holidays

How to Stay Productive During the Holidays

How to Stay Productive in the Holidays

As soon as the school holidays start, it’s easy to get into a slump. You have unlimited free time and despite all your good intentions that free time is often used for sleeping, eating, Instagram and moping around. That’s not to say that it’s bad to do any of those activities, but all things in moderation is a good rule of thumb. By all means, mope around the house in pyjamas!¬†Maybe don’t do it for two (or six) weeks straight though.

The first two weeks of this Christmas holidays were hectic. Fantastic and fun, but extremely action packed. Between a long drive to the coast, coming back, Christmas, my birthday three days later, skydiving, paintball, staying at other people’s houses, getting my L’s, learning to drive for the first time and having people over at our house, it makes sense that I was a little worn out by week three. I had such a great time, but all I could think by the end of it was “sleeeeeeeep”! Pictured below: a really unattractive photo of me having an absolute blast.


My point is, holidays are a time for relaxation. Of course you’ll want to blob out for a bit! However, that loses it’s appeal eventually and sometimes it takes a bit of a kick in the butt to get yourself back in gear again. This list is what I do to motivate myself and get some stuff done, and I genuinely hope its helpful. Realistically though I think you know exactly what you need to get done and exactly how to do it, so make sure you’re not just procrastinating while reading posts on how to stop procrastinating… (something I’m guilty of from time to time).¬† I believe in you!

  1. Set some goals! Not necessarily anything New Years Resolution-esque (like, get a six pack or spend less time on screens), but it’s important to have some things you want to get done. You can’t be productive if you don’t even know what you want to achieve! I set out a list of things I want to have completed by the time I go back to school and they vary from completing 20 hours of driving to reading two books. Decide what you want to do, otherwise you’ll have nothing to work towards.
  2. Wake uppp for goodness’ sake. Six weeks of holidays can easily become three if you’re in bed for half of each day! Set an alarm for a more reasonable time – I try and wake up at 8 most days. If you really struggle to wake up, make sure you have something to look forward to. It was easy for me to wake up this morning because I’d redesigned my blog (due to a glitch that wasn’t going away anytime soon) and was super keen to get back into posting!
  3. Balance balance balance. Don’t be one of those people that spends the whole holidays preparing for the school year. Sure, study a bit if you want to, but burn out is a very real thing and is no fun. Get stuff done, relax and have fun doing all of it!
  4. Redefine what productivity means. Really, for me, being productive in the holidays means completing the tasks that need to be completed (like buying my school shoes), completing the tasks I WANT to get done (like fixing the design issues on MannaFest) and then spending time with my family and doing fun things that don’t make my brain feel like mush, like reading books and cooking in our new oven.

Holidays are all about walking the fine line between laziness and overworking yourself to the point that you don’t ever feel relaxed and ready to go back to school. Try to get just one thing done today – the sense of achievement often motivates you to then do a second, then a third. You can do it!

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