Small Steps Towards a Better You

Small Steps Towards a Better You - MannaFest Blog

Hey loves, how ya going?

If you’re feeling a bit ‘meh’ read on… (maybe still read on if you’re feeling on top of the world because you can never be too inspired)

I’ve just started doing something that I highly recommend, especially in holidays where we tend to zone out and watch YouTube videos for 8 hours straight with occasional snack breaks be less than our best. Basically it’s reallllly important to schedule time to look after our heart, brain, body and soul so we can be our most positive and productive! (If you don’t like feeling positive or productive this post is not for you – have fun wallowing in self pity)

So lately I’ve been thinking up 1 or 2 activities for each of the categories then writing them into my planner. For example my physical activity was a 2k run last night. Sidenote: I can only go into the great outdoors at 6am or 7pm because the rest of the day is 37 billion degrees. Ridiculous. My mental activity is writing this blog post on this fine morning. Tomorrow I’m going out for a smoothie with my brother for some quality time, that’s my emotional activity. I journal most days and that’s my spiritual activity for the day.

See what I’m getting at? These things don’t take much time out of my day – 15 minutes is almost exactly 1% of a 24 hour day – but I’m definitely benefiting from each and every one.Whether you have a super busy schedule or you’re tempted to just spend all your time blobbed out in front of a screen I highly recommend setting aside some time each week for yourself.

  1. HEART – Emotional health is basically how positive you feel mentally and whether you can happily function in everyday life. Some ideas for your emotional activities might be catching up with a friend or family member, watching a favourite movie, reading a good fiction book, looking through some old photo albums, watching a comedy skit, doing something for someone else or following through on a commitment/keeping a promise.
  2. BRAIN – Mental health is all about how well your brain functions. Any activity that challenges you, stretches you or expands your knowledge is good for you, so you might want to: blog ( 😉 ), read a non-fiction book, play a board game, research a topic you’re interested in, watch the news, play a word or number game like crossword or sudoku or watch a documentary.
  3. BODY – Physical health is super important, especially for teens. To look after your body you don’t necessarily have to have a rigid workout routine each week, but it’s good to set aside some time to get moving, no matter what you’re doing. Some ideas are going for a run, playing a game or two of Just Dance, playing a sport, going for a bike ride, walking to do the groceries instead of driving (if you live close by that is), going without any junk food for the day and seeing how you feel or trying to work out a weekly meal plan instead of always having oily canteen food.
  4. SOUL – Your spiritual health flourishes when you feel fulfilled or live accordingly to what you know is right. You don’t have to be part of any religion to take part in any of the following activities, your soul is simply your inner-self. The part that feels alive in nature, that becomes deeply inspired by listening to certain music or watching the sun rise. Some activities to consider might be meditating, going for walks in nature, reading inspiring stories, reading or writing poetry/music or listening to uplifting music.

What you choose to do in your “you’ time might not be any of these things, but that’s okay because the only criteria is that you feel better and more alive after participating in that activity. So… what are you going to do today for a better you tomorrow?


    1. Thanks Brooke! I absolutely adored your visual summary of the past year.


  1. i’ve been loving reading your beautiful blog posts lately to help me get motivated. Such inspiring words 🙂 xo lulu


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