Different Types of Study Goals

Different Types of Study Goals - MannaFest Blog

Hey y’all, I’ve been thinking lately about what I define success as in a school context. I’ve noticed that around this time of year a lot of posts pop up about “being your best self this school year”, “how to achieve top marks” and ultimately, “how to be a successful student”. ¬†SPOILER ALERT: Everyone has different likes, dislikes, skills, things that need work, talents and shortfalls – and in all honesty I don’t think it’s fair to say the only thing that counts as successful is straight A’s and/or coming first place in every one of your fifty billion subjects! (Disclaimer: that’s okay too, go get ’em)

This post is pretty brief but I’ve come up with some possible alternative goals, lemme know if you have any more to add.

  1. learn something new each day
  2. get 100% on an assessment in your favourite class
  3. participate in an activity the school runs
  4. when¬†you don’t understand something, ask questions
  5. alternatively, if you find you ask too many questions you could’ve worked out yourself, give trusting your own abilities a go
  6. pay more attention in the classes you find difficult
  7. in English when you study a novel, actually read it instead of just using SparkNotes
  8. participate more in group tasks, take charge instead of sitting back and letting everyone else do the work
  9. thank the canteen ladies
  10. thank your teachers on the way out of the classroom
  11. pass a class you’re failing
  12. get straight B’s if you’re currently getting C’s and D’s.
  13. get an A in a difficult class
  14. start assessments earlier rather than later for the sake of your mental health
  15. hand in all homework on time
  16. when you’re learning about something interesting, pursue it further in your own time
  17. make sure you read carefully through the criteria of an assignment before you hand it in – it’s an easy way to bump your mark up from a B to an A
  18. instead of cramming, dedicate some time each day to review what you covered (even if that’s 5 minutes of reading over your notes to see what you do and don’t understand. You can’t improve if you don’t know what you don’t know)
  19. become more confident presenting in front of the class
  20. to do better each term or semester
  21. to realize school isn’t out to get you, and go into each day with a better attitude than the last
  22. help out the kids in the class struggling more than you are
  23. use your computer lessons wisely
  24. get 90% on an exam if you’re currently getting 80%
  25. get over 60% on an exam if you’re currently getting 50%
  26. use a planner to write down important dates
  27. don’t cheat on any assessments/tests
  28. accept that you’re not the best at everything all at once and that’s okay
  29. work towards a positive work/life balance
  30. use down time well

Back to school goals come in all shapes and sizes, so don’t feel like you need to meet any expectations for your aspirations to be valid. I hope you achieve whatever you set out to do in the 2017 school year.

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