Failed Resolutions and Fresh Starts

Failed Resolutions and Fresh Starts - MannaFest Blog

New Years has been and gone, and it’s highly likely that even at this point (barely a week into 2017) many people already feel like they have “failed” their resolutions and have consequently given up.

“Yeah, my 2017 is starting in February :’)”

“2018 will be my year for sure!”

“Ah yes, ’tis the season for giving up on the same resolutions I failed in 2016, 2015 and 2014.”

I can relate, but I’ve been thinking about it a fair bit recently. It makes sense that we all think that way, it’s much easier to achieve goals when you have the momentum a fresh start gives you. A clean slate, a 100% success rate so far… Everything seems achievable. I don’t deny that January 1st is a much more exciting time to create goals and visualize your ideal lifestyle than, say, August 23rd.

The key here, I think, is to harness the excitement and power of a fresh start more often than once a year. As tacky as it sounds, each day is a new beginning. Way more often than once a year do we have the opportunity for change.

As Sean Covey details in his amazing book, big moments in life such as a new school year, a new friendship, moving house, an accomplishment, a failure, a new job or even a fresh haircut (I’m not judging) can all provide the momentum needed to give you that sense of “I can do it”. The only thing standing in your way is yourself, and you are the only person that can change your behaviour.

I find that I often wake up cranky, not gonna lie, (I can’t be the only one) but I’ve found something that really helps me. I drag myself to the shower (getting increasingly annoyed as I trip over stuff in my semi-conscious state) snapping at people for no apparent reason, but once the hot water is running I always end up evaluating my attitude. For me, my 10 minute shower is a fresh start where I acknowledge that I’m in control of my mood and if I want to achieve any of my to-do’s for the day I’m going to need to calm the hell down omg snap out of it!

I can go for a quick walk around the block later on and when I get back I have a chance at a fresh start. Clean my room up? Fresh start. Decide to give my goals a go? Fresh start.

My point is this – just because you missed January 1st doesn’t mean you missed your chance at achieving your dreams for the year, there are still 359 days left. Finished reading this post? You have the option of choosing a fresh start. How cool?!




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