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Hey y’all, it was my birthday yesterday and it has got me thinking. Time continues to pass – whether I want to be or not, I will be a Year 10 student next year. After that I will be in Year 11, then Year 12.

As I go about life over the next few months or years, I want some form of a creative outlet. A platform to express myself in the midst of study, work, family and pursuing my goals. That’s what I started MannaFest as, and not to be overly dramatic, but I kind of lost that purpose along the way. I’ll keep it brief – in all honesty blogging became a chore. It lost it’s appeal so I stopped writing.

From now on the aim isn’t followers or likes, it’s all about putting ideas out there, sharing feelings and things I’m learning. Writing to inform and writing to entertain, because writing is what I love and is something I’d like to consider a career in. Some posts will be long and some will be one or two sentences, and as I’m writing this post I’d like to clarify that I’m not trying to justify myself or anything like that, rather I’m putting it out there so I can hold myself accountable and make sure that above all else I keep this fun and I keep it real.

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